Deinstallation and Reinstallation

What we do.

In addition to installation and repair, Solar Power Pros can remove and reinstall solar panels in cases where homeowners need them removed in order to move or conduct roof repairs. Solar panels that have been incorrectly disconnected and reinstalled can lead to damage or fire risk. Let our certified professionals take care of the delicate removal and installation process for you.

We Take Pride in Our Professional Removal and Reinstallation Services

Because Solar Power Pros wants to see as much benefit and life come out of solar panel systems as possible, we follow specific guidelines and safety protocols when removing and reinstalling solar panels. This includes solar panels that were not installed by our company. We respect and understand the investment you’ve made in your solar system, and we want to help keep it in peak condition for as long as possible.


Solar panels are intricate systems, composed of highly delicate features. It is easy for them to become damaged if they are uninstalled and reinstalled incorrectly. Because of this, Solar Power Pros takes every possible step towards optimizing and properly maintaining all aspects of your solar panel system.

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Removal and Reinstallation in Five Easy Steps

  1. Pre-Removal Inspection:
    Before we uninstall your solar panels, our professionals carefully examine the solar panel system to plan the removal process. This way, we can ensure a thorough, careful removal with no risk of damaging solar equipment.
  2. Removal:
    When uninstalling and removing solar panels, our team can communicate with roofers, insurance companies, and inspectors needed to ensure a smooth process. Our goal is to make the removal and reinstallation as convenient as possible.
  3. Safe Storage:
    Before reinstalling your solar panels, Solar Power Pros will store your panels in a safe location to prevent any damage. We plan the equipment storage ahead of time, so there is never the need to scramble for a safe location.
  4. New Installation:   We will work with you to schedule a convenient date for panel reinstallation. Tell us what date and time you need your installation completed, and we will take the steps necessary to meet your desired timeline requirements.
  5. Final Inspection:
    After reinstalling your solar panel system, we will conduct a final inspection to ensure optimal solar performance. Our installers are experienced professionals that follow specific guidelines. You can be certain each installation is performed correctly the first time.