Solar Panel Installation Cost

How much does solar cost?


We talk with many people that are interested in going solar and the most common question that we hear is: “How much will it cost me to go solar?”

Unfortunately, our initial reply is an unsatisfying: “It depends.”

While installed solar systems generally range from $3 – $4 per watt in Colorado, your specific solar installation price will depend on several factors unique to your home and your energy use:

  • How much electricity do you use today, will your needs change much in the future and what percentage do you want to offset with solar?
  • What is your local jurisdiction and utility?
  • What are the characteristics of your roof? Number of roofs? Sizing of roofs? Direction? Tilt? Type of shingle? Obstructions? Shading?
  • What financing options are you interested in pursuing, or do you want to pay in cash?

Answers to these questions will help us compile a custom solar quote that will meet your needs and clearly layout the costs and benefits for you.

Payment Options

We offer flexible financing plans and cash purchase plans that are designed to help you achieve your goals to go solar in the most affordable way possible for you.

We have partnered with lending institutions to provide you with several loan options with a variety of loan terms, interest rates and monthly payments. Our loan options require $0 down, have no penalty for early loan payoff and allow you to decide if you want to apply the value of your tax credit towards your loan balance or not.

We also offer discounts if you decide to purchase your system with cash or through your own financing.

If you have more questions, please contact one of our Energy Consultants. They would be happy to answer any of your questions.

*Note: All of our financing programs require customer credit approval for customers to be eligible.