Battery Storage Solutions in Denver, CO


Prepare for energy power outages

Having a solar battery backup at a home base allows homeowners to use the energy they need during nighttime hours, and when the grid has gone down. These battery banks provide solar users with an added degree of security and usage access regardless of the time.


Storing solar energy in one of our battery banks gives homeowners access to the energy they need 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Having a store of energy available whenever it is needed is another step in reducing dependence on standard electricity.

Protect Your Home from Power Outages

Our battery banks allow homeowners peace of mind. Even when solar grids are down, households with battery banking do not have to rely on standard utilities. This way, during storms and other outages, homeowners can keep essential appliances running without interruption.

Gain Independence from Your Local Utility Company

By utilizing both a home solar system and a Solar Power Pros battery storage system, homeowners can live free from a utility bill without having to sacrifice energy quality or deal with any interruptions.

Let home solar panels provide your home with clean energy during the day, and battery storage to power your home if the grid goes down.

Whether you want to simply keep the lights on during an outage or gain complete independence from your local