Solar Company Serving Denver, CO

Also Serving Fort Collins and Colorado Springs, CO

We offer a wide array of solar installation and supporting services for residential customers.  Our solar sales professionals will listen to your needs and help inform you about the best solutions to meet your needs.

We provide the following residential solar services:

  • residential rooftop and ground mount solar installations
  • solar installations on asphalt shingle, flat and curved tile, standing seam metal, corrugated metal and flat rooftops
  • electrical panel upgrades to support our solar installation
  • detach and reset solar panels for re-roofing efforts
  • repair services on hail damaged solar systems
  • installation of critter guard protection around solar array to keep pests from under array
  • lithium-ion battery back-up

We do not install solar panels on stone coated steel (e.g. Decra) nor shake rooftops. We are unable to install on the rooftops of manufactured homes or shops.

A family after getting our solar installation services in Denver, CO

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