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Size a solar system for your home and see
the options for going solar here in Colorado

Solar Calculator for Homeowners

Solar Power Pro’s uses industry leading technology to give you a professional level estimate in minutes.

Specific For Your Home

Our calculator uses your energy usage and satellite images of your home so you can see how many panels you need and how many can fit.

Every Money Saving Incentive

We are a local Colorado company and as such our calculator is fully integrated with every county, state, and federal incentive! 

Accurate Production Data

With tech like Project Sunroof and the Data from NREL and the Department of energy, our calculator is one of the most accurate in the industry.

Energy Use Precision

Our software verifies electric cost directly with the local utilities ensuring your numbers are accurate and your system size is correct.

“We have used Solar Power Pros for solar at 2 different homes. I did comprehensive comparisons vs at least 10 solar companies and chose Solar Power Pros overall. The quality of solar panels, inverter, and their guarantee made them the best choice. They delivered, as scheduled, high quality installation and great support. No complaints after 6 years of continuous use.”