Investing in Solar for Your Business

In these challenging times it is easy to feel like investing in Solar for your business is a cost you cannot afford to take on.

The truth is that investing in a Solar system for your business can help you with immediate cash flow. A Solar system for your business will reduce operating costs starting the day your system is up and running. With no out-of-pocket costs and several great incentives, right now is the best time to find out about a Solar system to produce the electricity you need to run your business.

There are many great reasons business across the globe are going Solar.

Many businesses can capitalize on the immediate benefits after installation is complete and they see a drastic decrease in there energy costs, while also being able to defer payment for 10 to 22 months. Business’ can also deduct up to 85% of the system costs which is a significant offset to the total system cost. Currently the ITC is a federal tax credit offered to both business and homeowners who go Solar. The current tax credit is 26% but will step down again in 2021 and continue to decrease after that. Many businesses are using this time to invest in their future with a Solar array before the tax credit goes away completely.

In addition to the tax credits and other financial incentives, many businesses are going Solar as part of a larger movement to focus on more sustainable practices.

As utility costs continue to rise, more and more people and businesses are looking for companies that are committed to creating a more socially responsible culture within their organizations. While Solar can help you hedge against future energy hikes and volatility, it can also help draw a talented work force. More and more employees are looking to work for companies with a vision for combating larger issues of climate change and sustainability. Investing in green initiatives like Solar can show your organization and people that you are a company with a strong commitment to improving the way you do business.

Another great reason to consider going Solar for your business, is that customers are also beginning to look for more eco-friendly and sustainable companies to do business with.

Working toward creating more socially responsible business practices is a great way to raise awareness for your business. As customers seek to find ways they can live more sustainably, they are more interested in working with companies that are like-minded.  Promoting these type of best business practices will engage your customers and help develop stronger brand loyalties. Many large organizations like Apple and Google are going solar for many of these reasons and their customers are very happy to see what they are doing.

In addition to the benefits to your business we have already talked about, there are even more financial reasons to invest in Solar for your business. Your business would be helping to support your local economy with good jobs and community investments. You can also use your Solar system to help reduce costs and overhead. Check out this quick Video to learn more about going Solar for your business.

With short payback periods and steady financial returns, investing on Solar for your business is a great way to plan for your financial future and avoid rising energy costs.

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