Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation


EV Chargers

Solar Power Pros carries Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers and, because of the intricacies needed to utilize them as a home base, we provide home installation as well.

Our EV charging system adds convenience so that vehicle owners can charge their cars from the comfort of their homes.

Thanks to professional installation, home EV charging stations can operate smoothly and safely without interfering with home electricity or introducing any fire hazards.

We Support EV Drivers

EVs have grown in popularity over the last two decades due to the convenient and exciting features they offer when compared to standard vehicles. Of course, the main benefit is not needing to fill the vehicle with gas; but most drivers do not want to replace gassing up with charging out in public.

That’s where Solar Power Pros comes in. We want to make owning an electric vehicle as fun and convenient as possible, so our home EV chargers bring battery power to your home for a fraction of the price it costs to power a standard vehicle over the course of its use.

Electric Vehicle Charger by Solar Power Pros

Enjoy the Benefits of A Home EV Charging Station

A home charging station allows EV drivers to save time and money by avoiding costs associated with public charging stations. The home station also gives them the option to charge outside of peak utility hours, resulting in further savings and convenience.