Commercial Solar

How A Solar Array Will Benefit Your Business


As the cheapest source of energy, Solar Power is an excellent way to reduce operational costs for your business. Commercial Solar is a low-risk investment with a positive ROI. With the addition of Utility rebates and Federal tax incentives, now is the best time to Go SOLAR.
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$0 Out-Of-Pocket

The low costs of Solar Energy allow your business to make an investment without having to front the cast upfront.

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Positive Cashflow

You will receive immediate operational cost savings with an average of 35-50% of the total system cost covered with Tax Benefits.

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Energy Efficient Upgrades

Other energy efficient upgrade like lighting and even roofing can all be packaged together and Solar is compliant with Green Building Ordinance and Green Roof Initiative in Colorado.

Go Solar. Go Local. Go With The Pros.

Solar Power Pros has specialized in Residential and Commercial solar and energy storage solutions from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs since 2013.

Our mission is to provide responsible, renewable energy services to our customers with industry leading quality and to give back to our local community.

Analyze Your Energy Consumption


  • It is possible to identify opportunities for additional saving just analyzing the data and having a conversation.
  • We will look for inexpensive ways to reduce operating expenses
  • We will help verify your correct rate schedule to avoid unnecessary demand charges
  • We can analyze how to qualify for a lesser demand rate (SPVTOU)
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Investing in Solar for Your Business

Benefits of C-Pace:


  • $0 Out-Of-Pocket
  • 10-22 Months Before First Payment
  • Tax Credit + MARCS Realized Before First Payment (Cash Injection)
  • Bundle Energy Efficient Upgrades
  • Assessment: Paid With Taxes, May Not Affect Borrowing Power & Balance Goes With The Building If/When It Sells

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Solar Power Pros Commercial Portfolio

Angler's All

Anglers All

Littleton, CO (2017) 11.5kW Rooftop Solar PV Installation.

Park Hill Congregational Church

Denver, CO. (2015) 12.8kW Flat, Rooftop Solar PV Ballasted Installation.

The Mercury Cafe

Mercury Cafe

Denver, CO (2015) 6.67kW, Solar Awning PV Installation.