Solar Panel Maintenance: What To Do?

Many of the large purchases in your life will require regular checkups and scheduled maintenance, there are several reasons why this is not the case with your Solar System.

Solar panel maintenance is easy and requires very little on the part of the homeowner. The first thing to know about your Solar panel maintenance is that the Colorado elements will do most of the work for you. The three things that will affect your Solar production are dust, snow, and leaves. With our changing Colorado weather all of these will be taken care of for the most part.


We get enough rain throughout most of the year, that the rain will easily clean the dust off your panels. Any of us that have been here for more than one summer is used to the late afternoon storms that blow in and bring the rain with them. The second thing that can affect your system is any leaves that might pile up, luckily that problem is also solved with the storms we face year-round. The wind that comes down the slopes from the mountains will easily blow any leaves that might linger on your panels. The biggest threat to your production can be snow pile up. With our 300 days of sunshine a year, any snowfall usually melts off within a day or two. This has the added benefit of clearing off any dust that might build in the winter or spring. If you are also curious about hail and your Solar Array, check out our Blog Post Here about hail.

So, what are the best practices if you wish to do some maintenance and upkeep by yourself?

The most important thing to remember is to never use any hot water or abrasive tools on your panels. The panels are made with tempered glass, this means that they are subject to crack if they are exposed to the two extreme temperatures. If you would like to aid the snow-melting from your array you should always use lukewarm water only. As far as using any tools to remove leaves, snow or dust, the best idea is to always use only very soft microfiber cloths. To wash off dust, a gentle shower from a common garden hose is your best option. Using any kind of squeegee or duster can scrape your panels surface and decrease your production over time. The best option is to just let mother nature do the Solar panel maintenance for you.

Unlike most products you buy, Solar Panels are one of the only products that carry a 25 year manufactures warranty.

This means that not only defects, but also production is warrantied for a full 25 years.  While solar panel maintenance is not covered under the manufacture warranty, Solar Power Pros also offers a 10 year workmanship warranty on the installation and will be here if you have any production issues. We use high quality panels from LG and the best inverters on the market from SolarEdge. If you do need to do any work to your panels, Solar Panel Pros will come out and asses the issues and it can usually be fixed quickly. If the issue is not easily fixed, we will originate your claim for the panels or inverter and complete all the work, so you know you are protected.

When should you call in the Pros for any solar panel maintenance?

It is always best to contact your Solar Installer to be sure any Solar panel maintenance you may want to do will not void your workmanship or manufactures warranties. In the event of damage, contact Solar Power Pros to come to do an assessment. We can let you know what needs to be done and work with your insurance company to get repairs done quickly.

Whether it’s hail, dust, extreme wind, or anything else you have a question about, contact Solar Power Pros first so we can be sure you are fully taken care of!


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