“Hey Santa, it’s me” – How Solar Power Can Keep Your Christmas Lights On

Holiday lights are beautiful and a perfect means for spreading a little cheer in the cold winter months, but all that extra juice can be taxing to both the power grid as well as your wallet. Christmas lights account for around 6% of residential energy use in the month of December here in Colorado.


But what if there was a way to keep your Christmas lights shining bright without breaking the bank or taxing the grid? Solar power is a great option for holiday lighting. Not only does solar energy help reduce your electricity bill, it also helps support the growth of renewable energy. Installing a solar panel system can provide enough power to light up your entire home and more!

How much electricity do Christmas lights use?

Christmas lights cost around $2.00 for every strands to run for 40 days at 12 hours per day. However, electricity usage is different for everyone. The amount of electricity that your Christmas lights use depends on the following factors: The type of lights, the amount you have up, and how long you have them on.


Bottom line, don’t stress about how much your cheer is costing you, we can help. It is time to finally switch to solar. We know you are busy this time of year, so we want to make it really easy.

We put together this little calculator so you can get the basic numbers at your convenience.  If you want to get some more details including things like panel options and we can do a video meeting with you and build out a detailed proposal for your home.

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