How Solar Works in the Winter

Solar panels on roof in winter with snow atop them

We can get some pretty intense winters in Colorado, with heavy snowfall and frigid temperatures. This has led many homeowners to wonder how solar panels work in the winter. The truth is that solar energy can actually do quite well during the colder months and produce enough energy to help you combat the rising cost of electricity.  


Solar Power Pros is a local, veteran-owned solar installer providing high-quality solar services all along the Front Range, from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs. Our team can help you capture your own energy during every season, including the long Rocky Mountain winters, with residential solar installation.


Keep reading to learn how solar panels work throughout the winter.

Solar Panels Produce Electricity Year-Round

The only thing that solar panels need to generate electricity is sunlight, which means they can provide your home with electricity any time of the year. This is especially true in Colorado with our 300+ sunny days per year. In the winter, however, the days are shorter and if you don’t have enough panels, they may not provide enough electricity to completely power your home. 


Net metering can help make up for the difference. Net metering is an agreement between you and your utility company that allows you to trade electricity with the electric grid. During the summer, when your solar panels over-produce, you can send the excess to the grid in exchange for a credit to your account. In the winter, you can use your net metering credit to buy electricity from the grid. 


Solar battery storage can also help make up for reduced solar output during the winter. Solar batteries store the excess electricity your solar panels produce during the day so you can continue to use solar power after the sun has gone down.


Solar Power Pros installs custom solar energy systems that are designed to cover as much of your electricity usage as possible. We take all factors, including decreased winter sunshine, into account to design a system that will maximize output and savings for you.

Solar Panels Are Efficient in the Winter

Even though the days are short and there is less sun during the winter months, solar panels actually thrive in colder temperatures. Solar energy systems are made up of several electronic components, which are more efficient in cooler temperatures. This means that despite the lack of sunlight, your solar panels will operate efficiently in the winter, possibly more so than on the hottest of summer days.


Solar Power Pros only installs high-quality solar products that can withstand the wide range of temperatures we see here along the Front Range, including our cold and snowy winters.

Solar Panels and Snow: Should You Clean Them?

The massive amounts of snow we can see along the Front Range can wreak havoc on your home if you aren’t careful. Luckily, you won’t have to worry about your solar panels in the event of a storm! Most solar panels are installed at an angle, making it easy for snow to slide right off.


While solar panels are extremely durable, we strongly advise against attempting to clear the snow from snow-covered panels yourself. Using large brushes or shovels can scratch the glass surface of your equipment, causing more damage than aid. The best thing to do is wait for the snow to melt. Even partially exposed solar panels can produce electricity, so you won’t have to wait for long!

Do Solar Panels Work on Cloudy Days?

Clouds block sunlight and can have a negative impact on how much energy your solar system generates. However, even on cloudy days, the sun can still reach your panels as it’s typically not blocked out entirely. You may experience reduced output, but your solar panels will still generate some power.

Get Reliable Power All Year Long with Solar Power Pros

As full-service solar installers, our team can handle your entire solar panel and battery backup installation from start to finish. With over a decade of experience under our belts, we’ve become a leader in the industry, providing quality products and trustworthy customer service. 

We believe in the benefits of solar energy and want to help you find a solution for reliable power and energy independence. Our team even stays up to date on the latest solar incentives available so that we can help you maximize your savings on installation.

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