Why Engineers go Solar

Why Engineers Go Solar

People of all occupations and types go solar, but after being in this industry for almost a decade, I have noticed that a large portion of our customers tend to lean towards the STEM fields, specifically, engineering. As we collaborate with other solar companies across the country, I have been able to determine that we are not an anomaly in the industry. After a little digging, this is why we have determined engineers go solar;

The Math Mindset

Let’s face it, some of us have an affinity and love math, some of us don’t.  Most engineers certainly do.  Because engineers have an tendency to dig into the numbers and compare the cost and return of a solar PV system investment against other investments in their portfolio, the think differently about purchasing a solar system.  


Solar typically has an ROI of 6.5-8 years, and for every watt installed home equity is increased by $3.11.  When an engineer calculates the payback rate, how long the panels last, and how much they save over the life of the system, the question is then about components and installers, not whether of not to go solar.

The Call to Control

Understanding how things work in order to know how to control the outcome is one of the primary motivators to getting into the engineering field. The desire towards control and self sufficiency makes the ability to produce ones own energy very attractive to engineers. Not being beholden to the whims of the utility company is an opportunity that is hard to pass up.

Technology is King

Perhaps the most common and obvious of the three, but Engineers go solar because they understand machines and technology.  Solar panels have no moving parts and minimal potential points of failure.  Almost every manufacturer offers warranties longer than any tech on the market, and it is the only consumer tech product that you can buy that can power everything else.  Whether it is an electric car, your TV, a PC, or your refrigerator, the ability to power them all with your roof, well it is just hard to pass up.

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